Commercial Department


We strongly believe in providing exceptional commercial service for our quality products and we work hard to accomplish the same. Our relentless focus on providing the best service and applying innovative methods has immensely helped us in establishing our credentials among our clients. We take tremendous pride in what we do and today with our varied range of Commercial Activities; we aim to continue on our success path with a strategic expansion that will set us apart from the rest. We welcome you to explore our world and are glad to be at your service at all times. At ‘PARS PATENT’ Commercial affairs and customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job.

Re-export and cross stuffing process

We are pleased to offer Cross Stuffing Service (Changing Containers in middle Port) and send your cargo via new containers to your desired destinations.  For UAE cargoes, we will process the entire job in middle ports Free Zone and not required any import-re-export of goods in UAE to avoid any kind of deposit of duty.


Delivers QA, QC and inspection services in different stages of the, as a Third Party Inspection body (TPI) to certify importing and exporting goods, equipment and materials in compliance with the latest relevant codes, Rules and Regulations. Utilizing engineering knowledge in addition to our different approach enable us to go beyond common inspection services and offer innovative and tailor-made services that meet client demands and specific requirements.

Internal Logistic

Keeping your cargo and protecting your trade and all the principals, healthy operation, hearty care precise control and speed in actions and attention to statistics and the use of the latest ratifications and regulations are the secrets of our success in internal transportation Dept.


An advisor of customs affairs with more than a 15 years’ experience in the field of custom release exploiting the services of specialist staff for export and import of goods as well as all custom affairs (land, air, and sea).

Overseas Logistic

Logistic Department is committed to ensuring customers’ needs for quality shipping, logistics and marine services. And with various professionals working around the clock, speaking more than 10 languages, at more than several contact branches in various countries, we deliver on that promise.

Issuing proforma for customers request

Proforma invoices are also sometimes referred to as overseas estimates or quotes, and the latter (quotes) is used to describe such documents in cash Flow.

General inquiries on related products based on customer’s request

A distinguished Dstributer and Supplier of a wide range of Industrial Products. While striving to achieve momentous growth within its existing portfolio, PARSPATENT imports best-in-class in vogue quality products not only focusing on the lowest price but durability and reliability as well. This in turns strengthens the company’s relationship with customers and ensures continuous business transactions.