Pars Patent Co. was established in 1976 in Tehran as an engineering trading company, providing the market with the latest in technology industrial equipment and machinery, in cooperation with international Groups and Companies.

Since then, Pars Patent has managed to  present its services to energy industries such as: Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power plant, Steel plant, Cement plant, Water & Sewage Treatment plant, Water transferring, Food, and Pharmaceutical.

Today, Pars Patent is one of the leading companies in its field as well as in the following markets:



Food & Pharmaceutical


Within each sector, Pars Patent is able to provide a  large number of references:

Pars Patent has affiliated with Companies globally, some of which include:





During its lifetime, Pars Patent Co. has managed to complete over 500 projects in Iran.

Pars Patent has a local warehouse, which  has the capacity to deliver spare or main parts to customers, ensuring to meet their demands and delivery in a timely manner,